Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jennifer: Two Quilts Are Better Than One

twin quilts

I got married this past August and in doing so joined a family that was as welcoming as it was giant. Coming from a very, very small family myself (my mother had one brother and my father was an only child) it took me a while to get a handle on who all the cousins were and how everyone was related. And now what better way to start ingratiating myself with this new family than to start making things for their babies?

twin qults

Case in point, my husband's cousin Louise and her husband Craig just had twins. Twins! Holy! One boy and one girl. And when we visited with them last weekend both parents and both babies were calm and happy, which is amazing to me. I brought along these two quilts for the babies and they were very well received.


Though the above photo was taken in my own living room, the bulk of the the handwork on these quilts was done at a couple of very entertaining ladies craft nights that my friend Sarah has been hosting on Wednesdays at her house. I've never been a part of a knitting group or a book club or anything like that before, so it's been really fun to get together with some local ladies, listen to pop punk, drink tea, eat baked goods, and work away at our own projects.

twin quilt #2

The fabric for the pink quilt was taken mostly from leftover strips of flannel that I had from a pajama making spree a few Christmases ago. They were from different pairs of pajamas made for different people, but all of them went well together in the quilt. The backing was a small piece of flannel I picked up at Fabricland because I didn't have anything I could use at home. I don't know why the stripes on the right side look all wonky in the photo, they actually all turned out very straight.

twin quilt #1

The second quilt was made mostly of fabric from Kat's stash that she generously gave to me when I visited her a few weeks ago. I bought a metre of the stripey yellow fabric at Oakville Sewing Centre during that same visit with Kat. Both quilts came together pretty quickly because the designs were so simple. For the hand quilting I just quilted the seams, which made it kind of a no-brainer. Love those quick little baby quilts! So satisfying.



  1. I'm loving this blog! So much inspiration as I get ready to take my Introductory Quilting course. I especially like that you say where all your delicious fabrics came from.

  2. Thanks, Zoom! I can't wait to see what your first quilts look like.